Pumpkin Washer

Wet Hopper Infeed Solutions

The TMIC Pumpkin Box Tipper is designed to fit perfectly to rear of the Wet Intake hopper, for tipping at the optimum distance and height, for a smooth delivery into the hopper. This eliminates the process of unloading the pumpkins and feeding them to the washer by hand, ensuring an efficient and gentle loading of the pumpkins into the washline.

Transfer And Inspection Conveyors

A number of different conveying systems are available:

  • Standard Transfer Conveyors
    • Modular Built conveyors and elevators
    • Lengths from 1M to 20M in 0.5M Increments
    • Widths from 300mm to 1200mm in 150 mm Increments
  • Inspection Conveyors with inspection platforms
    • Inspection conveyors with PVC or Plastic Modular belts
    • Dividing Lanes
    • Inspection access platforms
  • Troughed Singulating conveyors
    • For singulating the pumpkins for improved infeed and consistent flow into the washer.

Reed Pumpkin Washer By TMIC

2M Pumpkin Washer

Introducing the new 2m Pumpkin Washer designed for more compact lines, where the throughput volumes of the 4M model are not required

  • Adjustable Brush Angle
  • Handles up to 400mm pumpkins
  • Capacity up to 60 Pumpkins per minute
  • Size: Length 2.5M / Width 1250mm
Shown in optional stainless steel finish

4M Pumpkin Washer

The 4M Pumpkin Washer offers High Capacity throughput, eliminating the need for multiple washers and thus reducing overall line footprint and peripheral equipment per volume of fruits washed.

  • Adjustable Brush Angle
  • Handles up to 40mm pumpkins
  • Capacity up to 125 pumpkins per minute
  • Size: Length 4.5M / Width 1250mm

Standard Features Of The Reed Pumpkin Washer

  • Triple Variable Speed Brushes
  • High Pressure Spray Wash
  • Recirculation Tank beneath the washer for soil and debris separation
  • Powered Clean Pump Filter to remove large debris objects
  • Water recirculation pump from the tank to the high pressure spray-bar, for reduced mains water consumption

Customize Your Washer With The Following Equipment Options:

  • Auger Screw fitted to Auger Base
    • For improved sludge and debris removal, an auger screw is fitted to the base of the washer recirculation tank.
  • Sludge and Debris Removal System
    • Drag Chain Conveyor system coupled to the Auger Screw Discharge to remove debris and sludge that has settled in the Separation Tank, for improved water clean and reduced water changes.
  • Rotary Filter System
    • For extra filtration of finer surface debris, a Rotary screen can be added in line with the standard filtration plates
    • Full Stainless Steel Construction over Mild Steel Powder Coat Finish
    • Standard Stainless Steel Finish
    • Stainless Steel with Bead Blast Finish

Intake Systems For Optimum Handling Of Your Pumpkins

Couple your Pumpkin Washer to the perfect intake solution for your pumpkins, with the Wet Intake Hopper.

Wet Intake Hopper

  • For Gentle handling of the fruits through water
  • Provides a pre-soak to soften soil and separate debris before washing
  • Water Jets fitted to the rear of the tank to assist forward flow through the tank
  • High Volume Throughput for high capacity feed into the washer
  • Continental Web Outfeed Elevator with rubber fingers to prevent roll back

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