Herbert Barrel Washer

Auger Base Models

An extensive range of auger based barrel washing systems are available in mild steel and stainless steel with a cleaning capacity of up to 50tph.

Pintle Lining


Pintle lining strips help with the cleaning of difficult crops. The inside of the barrel can either be fully lined or half lined at the infeed end.

Driven Bush


The driven brush is cantilever mounted from the front of the washer. The position of the brush in the barrel is  adjustable using a hydraulic ram to alter its cleaning action.

Electro Hydraulic Controls


Simpe door and brush adjustment is provided by the push button and lever combination.

Driven Auger Base


The self emptying driven auger includes all the controls, allowing you to regulate the amount of water and waste discharged to suit your own conditions.

Elevator Rinse


Positioned above the water line, the final rinse of the crop has an optional dual system to allow fresh water and rinse solutions to be applied.

Unique Smooth Surface Spiral


The D Mould rubber spiral prevents potential damage from trapped foreign objects. The barrel is given a flush, smooth surface.

Integral De-Stoner


The Integral De-Stoner is supplied with a stone discharge elevator to either side of the flow and pumps water from the washer tank. It has the option of a filter box with stainless steel plates which can be removed for cleaning, or an open impeller pump which does not require filters.

High Pressure Jet


The high pressure jet gives the option of non submerged washing and can be used with either fresh water, or filtered barrel water to give additional wash prevention.


  • Barrel specification to customers requirement
  • Elevator at 26°angle with Blue PVC ‘Doorstop’ belt. (Can be easily slid out of washer by releasing 2 bolts)
  • Fresh water rinse bar complete with solenoid valve
  • Stainless steel access doors to barrel with safety locks and gas struts to assist opening
  • Split bearings on top shaft for easy maintenance
  • ‘D’ mould rubber spiral in barrel
  • Grab cord safety switches
  • Auto lubrication on elevator bearings
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Hand pump hydraulic single quadrant door using a food safe oil
  • Access hatches to both sides of tank for internal maintenance
  • Manual external adjustment of water level overflow in tank


  • Stainless Steel construction, tail bearings with adjustment above the water line
  • Rubber/PVC doorstep T-cleated or punched rubber belt with stainless steel joiner
  • Motor 0.75Kw speed shaft mounted
  • Automatic bearing lubrication


  • Stainless steel sheet 4mm thick punched and recessed hole for potatoes and a slatted barrel for carrots/parsnips
  • 87mm triple ribbed drive belts

Models available for potatoes, carrots, parsnips and beetroot

Technical Data

Special "add ons" which enhance the washer capabilities

Floating Object Remover

With the addition of a fine web side elevator, floating objects can be removed after the barrel but prior to the produce discharge elevator. A flow of water across the tank, coupled with an adjustable plough positioned just below the water line moves and floating debris onto the elevator which discharges it to one side of the tank.

Hydraulic Door

With the addition of a hydraulic pump and electric spool valves the washer door can be easily adjusted at the side of the tank. Remote door adjustment is alose possible but it is recommended that the door is visible, either physically or by the cameras to ensure the adjustment is correct.

Sludge/Waste Removal

For heavy washing applications and in particular on mobile washing plants, a sludge removal system can be supplied which works in conjunction with a bespoke auger system to remove heavy solids from the tank.

CAPACITIES in toones per hour (1200mm diameter barrel).

Actual capacity is dependent on specification and the crop condition.

2M Barrel = 5.5 - 8 TPH
3M Barrel = 8 - 15 TPH
4M Barrel = 15 - 30 TPH
5M Barrel = 30 - 50 PTH


  • Driven brush with hydraulic adjustment
  • Electro hydraulic door
  • Drag chain for sludge/waste removal
  • High pressure jet system
  • Special rinse bar
  • Floating object removal
  • Auger or V base tank
  • Mild steel construction
  • Brush lining for the barrel
  • Full or half pintle lining

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